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Depression & Anxiety

Unfortunately in our lives, we hit some really difficult periods where nothing seems to motivate us or inspire us…

Sports Talk

Whether you’re a Professional Athlete or on an Amateur Level, you can always take your Performances to the next…

Relationship Booster

Love and Relationships have always been the subjects of deep discussions and genuine heartache throughout the ages…

About D. U.Sivri

D. U. Sivri is a UK Qualified, Medically and Professionally Insured Psychotherapist.

He is also a Qualified Counsellor, Life Coach, and NLP Practioner.

He has spent many years working on and developing his unique and eclectic brand of Coaching, Counselling and Therapy. He is the Founder of Mind Station Therapy which elevates his clients from ‘Station to Station’.

He has also spent many years living, studying and working in a number of countries, where he has adapted ideologies, principles and techniques from many cultures to create a unique Mindset based on Philosophy and Psychology.

His Experiences, Visions and Innate Understanding of the Human Mind have also led him on to write Sixteen books, Eleven of which are Personal Development and Self Help books.

A true Visionary of our times, he has helped thousands of people all over the world.

Reach out today and let him help you. Remember, there’s always a better way.

(Psychotherapy Licence/Professional Certification Number: SIDX32AM01)

Therapies & Treatments

At Mind Stations we cover every aspect of the Therapeutic Process, from Counselling to Coaching, through to NLP and Therapy. Using the latest Psychological Techniques and Principles, our team offers you the best services available, at the most affordable rates. A message from our CEO, D. U. Sivri: "I started the Mind Station Therapy concept over 15 years ago in 2005 and have worked with many high-end clients in Harley Street and in the City of London. My philosophy involves helping clients move upwards from Station to Station by eliminating Self-destructive and Maladaptive Thinking Patterns, and replacing them with Contsructive, Self-serving Optimal Patterns of Thinking. Over the years I have put together a team of world class Counsellors and Therapists to help you on your journey of Self-discovery and Improvement. Book a session today and let us help you achieve your dreams by finding the Resolution you are looking for.


The Secrets of Connecting and Understanding

A truly enlightening and intriguing personal development and self-help book that is a must read if you are looking to develop, grow and improve all your relationships in life – from work related interactions to romantic liasons! After all, who amongst us hasn’t wanted to create more confidence, trust and understanding in their relationships? And

The Secrets of Calmness and Inner Peace

We all have periods of unrest in our lives where we question everything about ourselves and the lives we are living. Our deepest insecurities create those questions in our minds that relentlessly swirl around in a maelstrom of doubt and confusion causing us nothing but unrest. Problems at work Difficulties in our relationships Family issues

The Secrets of Love and Attraction

Who amongst us hasn’t pondered the meaning of love and relationships in our lives? And who hasn’t wanted to find out about the deeper mysteries of how attraction works? This powerful new book brought to you by renowned psychotherapist and relationship expert D.U. Sivri, brings you all the secrets you need to know when it