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D. U. Sivri is a UK Qualified, Medically and Professionally Insured Psychotherapist.

He is also a Qualified Counsellor, Life Coach, and NLP Practioner.

He has spent many years working on and developing his unique and eclectic brand of Coaching, Counselling and Therapy. He is the Founder of Mind Station Therapy which elevates his clients from ‘Station to Station’.

He has also spent many years living, studying and working in a number of countries, where he has adapted ideologies, principles and techniques from many cultures to create a unique Mindset based on Philosophy and Psychology.

His Experiences, Visions and Innate Understanding of the Human Mind have also led him on to write Sixteen books, Eleven of which are Personal Development and Self Help books.

A true Visionary of our times, he has helped thousands of people all over the world.

Reach out today and let him help you. Remember, there’s always a better way.

(Psychotherapy Licence/Professional Certification Number: SIDX32AM01)