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The Secrets of Connecting and Understanding

A truly enlightening and intriguing personal development and self-help book that is a must read if you are looking to develop, grow and improve all your relationships in life – from work related interactions to romantic liasons! After all, who amongst us hasn’t wanted to create more confidence, trust and understanding in their relationships? And

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The Secrets of Calmness and Inner Peace

We all have periods of unrest in our lives where we question everything about ourselves and the lives we are living. Our deepest insecurities create those questions in our minds that relentlessly swirl around in a maelstrom of doubt and confusion causing us nothing but unrest. Problems at work Difficulties in our relationships Family issues

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The Secrets of Love and Attraction

Who amongst us hasn’t pondered the meaning of love and relationships in our lives? And who hasn’t wanted to find out about the deeper mysteries of how attraction works? This powerful new book brought to you by renowned psychotherapist and relationship expert D.U. Sivri, brings you all the secrets you need to know when it

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The Secrets of Life and Beyond

We have all pondered the meaning of life. We have all wondered about how to live a more optimal existence, and at the same time we have all questioned what lies beyond our mortal souls. Whatever the challenges we face, we could all use some guidance to give us the answers we are looking for.

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The Secrets of Existence and Fulfillment

Life can be a struggle at the best of times. Whether our problems are minor or major, they will no doubt affect us adversely as we strive for a more optimal lifestyle.Whatever our issues are, there is always help at hand … we just have to reach out for it. Anyone feeling slightly uneasy or

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The Secrets of Confidence and Success

We have all dreamt of being more powerful, strong, and confident. We have all dreamt of being even more successful in all our endeavours. Many of us have spent a lifetime looking for answers that have eluded us for so long. What is it that separates those who are engaging and charasmatic from those who

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