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With a background based on Cognitive Behavioral Psychology principles, your Counselling and Therapy Sessions are geared towards giving you the best results in the shortest possible time.

Your Therapist will help you unlock the darkest recesses of your mind as you work towards Understanding and Resolution.

Whether you just want someone to talk to and listen, or whether you are looking for specialized solutions for your unique situation, our bespoke sessions are delivered with you in mind.

If you’ve been thinking about reaching out for help, then now is the time to reach out and get the help you desperately need.

Finding someone to listen and to talk to isn’t always easy, so let us guide you on the journey of healing and help you through this process with our unparalleled expertise.

Whether you have Personality Issues, Deep-rooted Fears, Addictions, or whether you are suffering from Bereavement and Loss Issues, or you just need a listening ear, just reach out and let us guide you through your difficulties.

Recommended Sessions: 10 Sessions

1 session – £99.00
5 sessions – £399.00
10 sessions – £699.00

*Each session booked will last for 55 minutes