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Unfortunately in our lives, we hit some really difficult periods where nothing seems to motivate us or inspire us.
We are enveloped in a cloud of darkness and insecurity where we feel alone and empty.

No one seems to understand how we feel and the more other people tell us to “snap out of it”, the deeper we feel ourselves sinking.

Depression and Anxiety can be silent killers if not addressed properly and in the correct manner.

Years of hard work as a Psychotherapist have enabled D. U. Sivri to quickly get to the root causes of your issues and give you long-lasting solutions.

Using an eclectic mix of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Counselling and Life Coaching skills, you will be taken on an amazing journey of self-discovery to help you work out the root causes of your issues and problems.

With the best tools and techniques available, you will understand what you need to do and how, to help you overcome your deepest feelings of Depression and Anxiety.

More often than not, a Professional listening to you can help you in ways other people can’t.

Don’t suffer in silence. The time to talk is now …. So book up some sessions today and start the healing process.

Recommended Sessions: 10 Sessions

1 session – £99.00
5 sessions – £399.00
10 sessions – £699.00

*Each session booked will last for 55 minutes