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D. U. Sivri has appeared on many Radio and TV shows over the years, and in many Publications, both online and in print form.

He has written many articles on Psychology over the years as well as being an Agony Uncle and appearing on various Podcasts, and the like.

These include:

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TV Interviews

Ask Dr Sivri from T-Vine

  • Ask Dr Sivri – My life is a drunken mess
    Dear Dr Sivri, I am really embarrassed about my problem. Actually, it’s more to do with my lifestyle really. I feel so ashamed, I don’t know where to start. I am a 39-year-old woman who has been married and divorced twice. I married very young the first time around –
  • Ask Dr Sivri – Jealousy in the office is getting me down
    Dear Dr Sivri, I hope you are well. I know you help with all types of problems, so I am looking for some advice please. I work in an office in the City of London, and we deal with international insurance, so it’s a pretty high-end and stressful job, but
  • Ask Dr Sivri – How can I stop office flirts?
    Dear Dr Sivri, I read your recent advice piece on ‘jealousy in the office’ (Ask Dr Sivri – Jealousy in the office is getting me down, 14 Sept. 2020), and hope you can help me with my office problem. I work for a major international consultancy business based in London

Cyprus Magazine

  • Rave reviews for Dr Sivri’s self-help book
    A book by a London-based psychotherapist on how to lead a more fulfilling life has been receiving rave reviews. The Secrets of Existence and Fulfilment by DU Sivri has garnered a number of five-star ratings on the online bookstore giant Amazon. “A super duper book that has totally transformed my life.

Interview with Pretty Hot

  • Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
    I was born in East London, and have lived and travelled in many countries over the years.I’m actually a Qualified Psychotherapist and spend my days helping people. This in fact has led me on to writing many Personal Development books.Eleven in total. I’ve also written

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