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Motivational Expert and Author D. U. Sivri Releases Book Four In His Intriguing Book Series!

Following on from the successes of his previous books, renowned Psychotherapist, Motivational Expert and Author D. U. Sivri releases book four in his highly thought provoking and acclaimed series. 

This book, The Secrets of Confidence and Success follows on from:

The Secrets of Existence and Fulfilment 

The Secrets of Calmness and Inner Peace 

The Secrets of Life and Beyond 

And is a welcome addition to fans of his previous books. 

The book takes you on a psychological, philosophical and spiritual journey of self-awareness and self-discovery as the author uses his experience and expertise gained from his many years of hard work as a Psychotherapist. 

“I wrote these books to help people become the best of who they are. I have been highly motivated by the response of people to my previous books, and wanted to add another book to the series in my efforts to help people deal with whatever aspect of their lives they are looking to improve”, Mr. Sivri recently told reporters. 

Using case studies, psychological principles and counselling techniques from his years of hard work as a Psychotherapist and Motivational Expert, Mr. Sivri brings you a highly intriguing and thought provoking book. 

All of his books are available on Amazon worldwide and at leading bookstores and book distributors. 

His books are guaranteed to make a huge positive impact on your life as you look for answers to what is happening around you. 

The Secrets of Confidence and Success is a sought after addition to any personal development and self-help collection of books. 

Mr. Sivri’s mission is to develop greater awareness and understanding of mental health issues and emotional well-being through his books and through his work. 

A prolific writer he is currently working on book five in the series and has completed the outlines for book six. 


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D. U. Sivri is a remowned Psychotherapist, Motivational Expert and Author who has four published books in the personal development and self-help genres. 

He was born and grew up in Hackney, East London and has spent years working on and developing his unique eclectic mix of counselling and therapy. His psychological background together with his involvement in many other fields over the years have led to him being a highly sought after individual. 

Over the years he has helped thousands of people both through his work and through his books, and he continues to help people on a daily basis with his innate understanding of human behaviour. 

A well travelled man who has lived and worked in a number of countries, Mr. Sivri has developed ideologies and principles to help people live happier, healthier and more positive lives. 

His mission is to create better emotional well-being awareness and mental health understanding. 

He has also appeared on many radio and television shows over the years , as well as in many print publications.