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Rave reviews for Dr Sivri’s self-help book

A book by a London-based psychotherapist on how to lead a more fulfilling life has been receiving rave reviews.

The Secrets of Existence and Fulfilment by DU Sivri has garnered a number of five-star ratings on the online bookstore giant Amazon.

“A super duper book that has totally transformed my life. I was pretty down before I read this book but this book has totally transformed my life in every way possible,” said Gabrielle Thigpen. “I am much happier now and more fulfilled and I would like to congratulate the author DU Sivri on writing such a brilliant self-help book. Top book!” Another reader said: “This book was a pleasure to read from start to finish. It made me think in a much deeper way about my life and helped me to see the world in a more realistic light. My relationships with people have improved and I don’t feel as stressed about my life as I used to.”

Mr Sivri, 48, was in the island last month, signing copies of the publication at the Best Seller book shop in Karakum. He said the book helped readers “ask more meaningful questions” about their existence.